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Sea of Doubt
Book 2 of The Roth Saga 
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Official Release: Oct. 17, 2024

Sea of Doubt, Book 2 of The Roth Saga, follows the Roth Family in the next stage of their lives.


In 1960, Hugh and Dee sell Rothmorton Hall, near Boston, and move to a small beach community outside San Francisco to start fresh. Hugh needs to prove himself with his new business, but spends too much time at the office causing tension at home.  


Ellen turns thirteen and unhappy she's uprooted from the only home she's ever known, and worries she won't fit in at the public high school, make friends, or meet boys.  


Dee is bored and desperate to find her place in the community and may put her trust in the wrong person . . . yet again.  


When damaging rumors about Ellen and Dee spread through the school and community, the family's happiness and safety are at risk.  


Join the Roth family as they face insurmountable doubt in their decisions and how the ties that hold a family together help them survive when buried secrets are revealed. 

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