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"The unique story Is fresh and unlike anything I've ever read. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next." Tilly Moe, author of Annie's Fate

"An engrossing read. If you enjoy reading psychological suspense, you won't be disappointed. - Goodreads reader


Book Description:

A reclusive ghostwriter questions what is real or imagined in this novella about secrets, memories, and dreams.  

Sammy Paulson doesn’t remember why her mother died five years ago, but it sent her into a tailspin escaping to the mountains, telling only her best friend, James.

When she took the job of a lifetime completing the unfinished sequel by a long-dead author, the stress and demands of a short deadline plague her with strange dreams of the dead author, and Sammy becomes lost in her fantasies.

Where Did You Go? by P.L Jonas is a spine-chilling journey packed with family drama and shocking revelations.

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