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Book 1 of The Roth Saga (series)

Available in Print, eBook, & Audiobook


The Historical Fiction Company

Highly Recommended 5-Star Award 2023!


The review is quite lengthy, but here are a couple snippets:


"Hall of Deception" is a well-written and compelling historical novel that seamlessly weaves romance and suspense into a gripping tale, with the addition of a nostalgic touch for fans of classic romances while the unique character dynamics and intriguing mysteries keep the story fresh and original.


The elegant prose of the author gracefully carries the reader through the narrative, evoking vivid imagery and captivating emotions. The blend of gothic mystery and romance creates an atmosphere that draws readers in, making it difficult to put the book down."

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Book Description:
For fans of classic romances, comes a suspenseful romance set in post-WWII, Plymouth, MA.


In 1953, Dee Danes, an orphan raised by her spiteful cousin, is inexperienced in love and desperately wants to fit in. She takes a job tutoring a little girl at a mansion, secretly fantasizing about romance with the owner, just like her beloved heroine Jane Eyre.

The strikingly handsome and wealthy owner of Rothmorton Hall, Hugh Roth, appears to enjoy embarrassing her and Dee worries she's made a terrible mistake. Mystery surrounds the other staff and Hugh, particularly the ex-wife everyone is forbidden to discuss.

Shocking truths about Hugh are exposed and Dee struggles to accept the lies and deceptions questioning the man he truly is. When frightening attempts on Hugh's life and other strange incidents occur, Dee fears for the lives of those she's come to care for-and perhaps even her own.

Genre: Historical, Romantic Suspense

Sea of Doubt - Book 2 of The Roth Saga

Releasing: October 2024

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