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"A compelling exploration of love's power to endure." -- Amazon Reader

5 stars Fiction Spirituality Reincarnation Time Travel

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

"I don’t normally read ANY fiction books at all, but the Title alone whet my appetite.
This is the book that made me realise just how much I’ve been missing out on for a great many years. I really enjoyed Our Eternal Souls and the journey through time of 2 lovers involved with time travel, reincarnation, and trying to reconnect sometime in the future. It incorporates fiction with the spiritual aspect of eternal life of which I’m a firm believer.
Absolutely fascinating.
Highly recommend to anyone that likes a twist in the story and likes fiction mixed in with some known spiritual truths. Thank you for introducing me to fiction books


Book Description

For Fans of Cloud Atlas,  and Time Machine

In pre-historic Earth, a utopian culture of hybrid alien/human people lived forever lives. Until they face extinction by a natural disaster . . . within three moons.

Xenia and Yonan, have been married for four-hundred years. Still deeply in love, they refuse to let that love die. Because they have human DNA, their souls would reincarnate. They astral time-travel to guarantee their reincarnated selves meet again and fall in love.  

As their doom looms closer, the couple learns about the future human world while making errors along the way. They fear they will not achieve their goal before time runs out.

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