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Book Recommendation: "Rich Blood" by Robert Bailey

Wow! What a great ride!

My current work-in-process is a crime thriller, a new genre for me to write. Reading books by other authors in this genre is very helpful to get my head into the specific space. This was my first book by this award-winning, best-selling author of legal thrillers. I thoroughly enjoyed it, turning the (kindle) pages as fast as I could to find out who “done” it. What a great and shocking ending, too!

Robert Bailey created an interesting fictional town with well-described visuals so that I could enjoy this haven of Buck Island along with the characters, who are deeply flawed and richly colored in complexity. The deftly contrived plot twist leads you down a riveting murder mystery making you think you know what direction the story is going . . . until it darts down another path.

I particularly liked how the main character, Jason Rich, struggled with his addiction demons while switching his legal career from a successful ambulance-chaser to defending his sister in his very first criminal case.

Enjoy the ride and hold on tight!

Genres: courtroom drama, legal thriller,

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