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Book Review: Chasing Eleanor by Kerry Chaput

This is the second book I've enjoyed reading by Chaput. The first book was Daughter of the Shadows, which I reviewed in February and took place in the 17th Century.

This time, Chaput’s writing excellence plunges the reader into the deepest, darkest shadows of life during the Great Depression. It is a coming-of-age story about Magnolia, aged 17, and her over-powering sense of responsibility to find her two younger brothers which drives the plot. She joins with a 14-yr old girl and an older boy, Hop, on a journey around the country by rail, to find Eleanor Roosevelt.

Magnolia thinks Eleanor can fix everything. Magnolia follows Eleanor’s My Day stories in the newspaper, which gives her the hope she needs to keep going. Because of the graphic scenes and dark topics, I put this in the adult category.

I highly recommend this book.

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Genre: historical fiction, coming of age, adventure

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