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Book Review: "The Algorithm Will See You Now" by JL Lycette

An eerily possible sci-fi novel and a must read --

The title of this book immediately drew me in thinking about how an AI algorithm could take over in the diagnostics of healthcare. I certainly hope this never happens, but The Algorithm Will See You Now presents a believable scenario.

The main character, Hope, is motivated in her career by the loss of her mother years before. A staunch advocate for the algorithm, she is faced with issues regarding its validity. And rightly so, as the pulse of the story moves along steadily reaching a tension-filled climax.

However, in the resolution stage of the book, I found myself skipping over long passages of repetitive content I felt was thoroughly covered earlier in the book and wasn’t really needed. It slowed the pacing for me.

But overall, the book is exceptionally well-researched, as the author is a physician and draws from her personal experience to make the healthcare experience very real. I particularly appreciated the Author’s notes regarding her inspiration for the story and how much of a potential reality it could become, if not closely monitored.

If you like medical suspense stories and nearly real sci-fi, you will love this book!

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