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Book Review: True Grace by Karen E. Osborne

True Grace: A Black Woman's Journey to Save Her Family, is a shocking tale of betrayal, tragedy, and insurmountable challenges. The protagonist, Grace, faces the harshness of life with “grace” and intelligence. She struggles to care for her children and the challenge to protecting them from the dangers of the world she lives. The story moves at a consistent pace from one surprise and harrowing experience to another.

Osborne brings to life complex and flawed characters through her magnificent writing that embroiled me in the 1920s. Grace’s past is shown through vivid flashbacks of her beginnings in the Congo, to England, Jamaica, and finally New York. The story carries you into the grand homes of the elite, to the lurid dark speakeasies of the times.

True Grace will hold you captive by its tragic and uplifting journey . . . of true grace.

Highly recommended.

Genres: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Releasing September 7, 2023

Pre-Order: Amazon

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