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Book Review: Under the Dogwood Tree by Kari Wirth

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Under the Dogwood Tree is a well-written romantic suspense with a complex plot and characters who jump off the page.

Set in the Pittsburgh area, the story surrounds two main characters who work in a police precinct: Beautiful and tough, Ronnie; and her sexy ex-husband Tony. Old wounds open when Ronnie shows up as Tony’s new boss. It’s obvious Tony still has feelings for his ex-wife, but she appears to have moved on.

When Ronnie gets involved with another man, sophisticated Aiden, I was fully invested in these characters and the tense love triangle. I didn’t care for Aiden and I was rooting for Tony to win back Ronnie. But, throughout the story, I just couldn’t tell who would end up with whom, which is good, because it held my interest and I kept turning the pages to find out how it would end.

The suspense storyline started out slowly with bits and pieces dropped in to keep you wondering who and what it was all about. The tension-filled plot keeps you going till the shocking climax.

I highly recommend.

Release Date: 8/31/23

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