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Do you like YA Fantasy? Update on both Stephanie Garber's trilogies.

Once Upon a Broken Heart Trilogy by Stephanie Garber

I have now read both of Stephanie Garber's trilogies Caravel (read below) and Once Upon a Broken Heart. I read the first two books in this trilogy before discovering her first trilogy.

See my review here on my Blog of Book 1 Once Upon a Broken Heart

But in a nutshell, I completely fell in love with Garber's writing style and her story. I'm a mature, retired person, but I do enjoy a good YA fantasy. A 5-star read.

After finishing Book 1, I immediately bought book 2, The Ballad of Never After, published Sept 2022, which was just as fascinating, page-turning, and exciting a read as the first. Another 5-star read for me and I had been waiting impatiently for the third book ever since.

Book 3, A Curse for True Love, released Oct. 2023, my review:

I was so excited to finally find the time to read the beautiful hardback copy of this book.

However, unlike her other books, the world-building on this one was a bit disappointing, and why I gave it 4 stars. I had trouble visualizing many of the scenes. I also wondered why her sister wasn't mentioned in this final book. In Garber's acknowledgments, I got the feeling she struggled with writing this book. As a writer myself, I do relate to this somewhat. However, I don't know why she struggled. Was it personal reasons or writing burnout? I would like to know.

Despite that, I still DEVOURED the story and characters reading it in record time. I Love, Love Jacks and Evangeline's story. I hope a Series is developed for streaming too. I would watch it more than once I'm sure. A feature film couldn't possibly capture all three books.

To buy which I heartily RECOMMEND, Go HERE

Caravel Trilogy by Stephanie Garber

While I was between books in Garber's Second trilogy, I read her entire FIRST Trilogy, Caravel, Read my Review here on my blog 5-stars.

Book 2, Legendary, I LOVED just as much and moved quickly on. 5-stars

Book 3, Finale. Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2019) 5-Stars.

As with the first two books in this trilogy, I enjoyed the fantastical world-building and characters. This book dealt more with the sisters and their interaction. For some reason, I was getting their storylines confused and had to go back and reread passages.

I did feel the book was longer than it needed to be and there were a few places I got a little bored and skipped forward. But it did not affect my star rating. That is a personal preference. My attention span is shorter than it used to be.

At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed the series and I highly recommend it for romantic fantasy readers.

To buy which I heartily RECOMMEND, Go HERE

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