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Review of a Great Thriller! "Stable" by Cam Torrens

Cam Torrens writes exciting suspense/thrillers that holds a reader's attention, keeping you turning the pages until the end.

I read Torrens' second book False Summit (my review) first last year and was in awe of his writing prowess. It took me till now to finally read Stable: Someone is taking them, the first book in the trilogy, mostly because of the topic. But Torrens handled the potential trigger stuff in a way that it just didn't trigger. I wish I had read it sooner.

Stable is an intense plot mainly focused on a family drama about finding one's voice to talk about feelings while in the midst of an abduction story. Torrens's ability to create a stunning visual story is like watching a movie. I find the search and rescue theme interesting and exciting. Great pacing, fast when needed, and slows down for personal connections.

I can hardly wait for book 3, Scorched, due out this year!

Get the book Stable! go here

Get the book False Summit! go here

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