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Review: The Committee Will Kill You Now by J. L. Lycette

A Story that Will Hold Your Attention to the Very Last Page

Lycette’s second book, The Committee Will Kill You Now, a prequel to The Algorithm Will See You Now, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading last year, took me on another surprising and at times shocking tale based on fact.

There are three main stories: Noah the main character, an intern in 1992, discovers his late father’s involvement in a committee set up in the 1960s that made life-and-death decisions for patients; The second story that drives the reader to turn the pages as quickly as possible, is Noah’s anxiety over a mistake and his fear of being fired; and another story of how the sudden death of a co-worker has affected him and the rest of the medical team.

Various themes are addressed, medical ethics, coverups, survivor guilt, and the struggles of women doctors in a male-dominated field. Not to mention a budding romance and a surprise ending!

Lycette skillfully creates a believable medical world and complex characters that will hold your attention to the very last page. I highly recommend this book.

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