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Welcome to my Blog

Follow me here for news and updates regarding my published novels and research tidbits on upcoming works, like where do I get my inspiration or ideas for my stories, what genres do I write in and why, etc.

I started writing stories in elementary school with my first play. It was produced in our backyard and the stage was our patio. My brother was the only other cast member. It was science fiction and took place in outer space. I was a big fan of Star Trek. In high school, I wrote a musical including songs, but never finished it.

As an adult I dreamed of writing novels, started three, but never finished them. With a career in marketing, proposal writing and editing, I found it difficult to be creative after hours. When I decided to retire from corporate work, I had already begun writing a historical fiction inspired by the genealogy work I was doing on my paternal grandparents. And that was just the beginning. I now have two novels published through independent presses and two more on contract with one to release in July 2023 and the other sometime after. I have several more books percolating in various stages, including two planned sequels to two of my current books.

I hope you choose to follow me on my writing journey and check in here for ongoing updates.

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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